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At Jacksonville Dumpster Service, pride ourselves on not only offering the lowest dumpster rental prices in Jacksonville and surrounding areas, but on offering those deals to our customers in the easy-to-understand format of flat rate pricing. What makes flat rate pricing such a big deal? It comes down to the fact that there are a wide variety of factors that go into determining the end price of a dumpster rental. You have to add in the price of the dumpster itself, transportation fees, the fee charged by the landfill to dump the specific type of items in question, etc.

Get the Best Dumpster Rental Pricing in Jacksonville with Our Flat Rates

With most companies, when you call in for a quote, you’ll be told only the price of the dumpster itself. This leaves you thinking you’re getting an incredibly cheap deal, when in reality your final bill will be significantly higher after all the other variables have been added in.  So what happens when you budget for your home improvement project according to the price you were initially quoted only to receive a bill that blows that budget out of the water? Those companies don’t care. They made a quick sale off of misinformation and now they’re laughing all the way to the bank. At Jacksonville Dumpster Service, we don’t want to win if it means our customers lose.

With flat-rate pricing, all the variables that affect dumpster prices have already been added in upfront. Which, obviously, leaves a lot less room for surprises on your bill. We are proud to offer flat-rate pricing on every rental and for every dumpster size. Unless you exceed your dumpster’s weight limit or try to dispose of hazardous waste, the price you’re quoted is always the price you’ll pay.

Will I Have to Pay Additional Dumpster Rental Fees?

Thanks to our flat-rate pricing, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to pay more than you were initially quoted. However, there are some situations that can cause you to owe extra fees. The waste removal industry is subject to many rules and conditions about what can and can’t go into a dumpster. There are also rules concerning how much your rental dumpster can weigh and still be safely transported over the road. When you call to set up your dumpster rental, your representative will explain these rules, and they will also be outlined in the terms of service you’ll recieve. If these rules aren’t followed, you will likely be charged additional fees. These rules cover scenarios like:

  • Hazardous Waste: If you attempt to dispose of any type of hazardous waste, such as paint, coolants, batteries, etc, in your dumpster rental, you’ll be charged the additional fee it costs us to have the material disposed of properly. If you’re not sure about any of the items you plan to get rid of, contact Jacksonville Dumpster Service and our representatives will be able to advise you if your items are safe for a dumpster.
  • Dumpster Is Too Full: If the debris in your dumpster sticks up over the sides, the driver won’t be able to safely haul it away, and you’ll be charged a fee for the extra trip they’ll need to make. Make sure all of your debris fits completely inside the dumpster.
  • Unable to Drop Off / Pick Up: If you haven’t left enough space for the driver to place your dumpster, or if cars/other items, low hanging branches or power lines block the driver’s access to the drop off/pick up area, you’ll be charged for the extra trip they’ll have to make. Always make clear the area for your dumpster is clear and accessible.
  • Dumpster is Over the Weight Limit: Each size dumpster has a set weight limit, over which it becomes too heavy to be transported. If you exceed the weight limit spelled out in your terms of service, you’ll be charged an overage fee.
  • Dumpster Kept Past Rental Period: Our dumpsters each have a 10 day rental period. To ensure you have ample time and flexibility to complete your project, we allow you to call us for pick up any time during your rental period, whether you need the full 10 days, or are done much sooner. We never come out to retrieve your dumpster unless you give us the go ahead—we don’t want to cut you off in the middle of your work. So, if you don’t call us before the 10 days are up, we assume you need more time to finish your project and you’ll be charged for the additional days the dumpster is on your property.

Fill out our quote form and see just how much you can save with a Jacksonville dumpster rental.  Just fill in your location and the type of waste you need to dispose of, and we’ll get right back to you with accurate, flat-rate dumpster rental pricing. Got questions? You can use the quote form to ask them, too. As soon as our system processes your information, a representative will call to speak with you about your questions. Get started on your decluttering, home improvement, or other project today, with a Jacksonville Dumpster Service quote.